About Consort

Consort.it is a group of likeminded IT businesses that are the best in their region at what they do.

Consort.it was created in 2011 as a Not for Profit business which is owned and run by its shareholder businesses, bringing together like minded business principles to share and collaborate both at an intellectual and resource level.

Consort.it’s vision is to create a community of the highest caliber, bringing everyone’s knowledge and experience together to develop all members businesses, whilst enhancing the working practices and resources for all.

The group is made up of 9 businesses spanning the UK, with a view to grow to a maximum of 20 members. Consort.it shares knowledge on all aspects of each others businesses and brings everyone’s experience together to develop all members bottom line profit.

Consort.it is not a buying group but leverages buying power to negotiate deals and special pricing.

  • To share physical resources between members when and where possible
  • To collectively explore efficiency within businesses
  • Collaborate as one for the benefit of all
  • Be a community that shares its experience both good and bad to help others succeed.